Coronavirus FURTHER UPDATE- Sunday 15th March 2020

Sunday 15th March 2020

Coronvirus- Additional School Actions


Dear Parents/Carers

As announced by the Prime Minister last week, there will NOT be a blanket closure of schools at the moment.

However, some very clear advice has been issued;

If your child shows symptoms of Coronavirus ( new prolonged cough or high temperature) they are to stay at home for SEVEN days.  If in doubt, please call 111 for clarification.

Parents/carers should inform school following the normal channels of reporting sickness absence ( a phone call to the school office or an email to

At Abbey Village, we are working through a staged and sensible risk assessment.  The following measures are in place or will be implemented from Monday 16th March 2020.

Additional midday cleaning programme of all ‘touch points’ is in place.

Additional access to hand hygiene on entrance, exit and around the building is in place.  No visitors will be allowed into the school building without following the strict hand washing routine.

We appreciate that some of our children are struggling with sensitive skin with the new hand washing routines.  We want to assure all parents/carers that we have not changed the soap that we use.  If your child is suffering with sensitive skin, please send them into school with an appropriate soap of your choice and/or a moisturising cream.  The children must be able to apply the cream by themselves (with adult supervision).




Hand washing demonstrations and watching appropriate videos for this happened over two weeks ago in school.  For our youngest children, Mrs Roworth has set up a science investigation which is an interactive approach to help the children understand why thorough hand washing is absolutely essential.  We will continue to talk to the children about what is happening but our approach will always be mindful of not creating any fear.  We would be very grateful if all our parents/carers reinforce the same messages and ensure their children wash their hands every morning at home before setting off to school.

Delay measures

  • We will send children home for seven days if they are showing symptoms and request tests are completed.
  • We will use screening measures (thermometer strips) if we are worried about high temperatures.
  • No carpet time
  • Tissues accessible in every classroom and around school.
  • All whole school assemblies are now cancelled this side of the Easter holiday.
  • All Parent Workshops postponed this side of the Easter holiday.

We are taking the following measures to delay the spread of the virus and sincerely hope that all our parents/carers support and understand why we are having to do this given the present National Health circumstances.  They are unprecedented and serious.

We are working on securing access for all children to our new school website should the government decide on school closures and correlating work packs that will be sent home.  It is hoped that teachers will be able to set purposeful, daily tasks for the children to complete at home remotely.  Any families who do not have a computer/laptop/ipad at home to access on-line services should call school asap.



At Abbey Village we take the safeguarding of our whole school community extremely seriously and would like to thank all our parents/carers for their continued support.  Any further updates will come through our School spider APP and the ‘News’ section of our school website.


Warmest regards

Joanne Maher


'Together We Achieve'










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