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The range of homework tasks varies throughout the school, according to the age of the children.  The homework we give at Abbey Village is designed to reinforce and support the learning that happens during the school day. 

Homework will  involve regular reading, spelling and mental mathematics but we will also provide opportunities for children to showcase their creativity, imagination and enjoyment in their learning through ‘Brain Builders Challenges.'  These are an opportunity for children to express their understanding about a topic through any media they choose. This approach encourages the children to talk about their learning at home and embed their knowledge by choosing their own methods of expression.

cognitive scientists have confirmed the need for a knowledge-based curriculum for two reasons.

  • Knowledge frees up your brain’s capacity for thinking.
  • We learn new things by connecting them to old things.

At Abbey Village we have made sure that our curriculum is grounded on this research so that your
children learn in the very best way possible! We have developed Brain Builders Challenges which allow children to retrieve knowledge, make links with new knowledge, choose, design, research, pursue, troubleshoot, and evaluate learning for themselves. 

Brain Builders allow children to put their learning power into practice. The role of the pupil moves from passenger to crew and ultimately pilots of their own learning. Children choose what to do and how to do it. Children become leaders of their own learning and we hope that this will play an important part in them becoming life long learners. 


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