Online Safety

The Internet has become an integral part of children’s lives, enabling them to undertake research for school projects, talk to their friends and access information from around the world. Increasing provision of the Internet in and out of schools brings with it the need to ensure that learners are safe.

Internet development is constantly evolving into ever more innovative areas with many websites enabling amazing creativity and interaction between peers.

Unfortunately though, there are times when Internet use can have a negative effect on children.At Abbey Village, we are aware of the potential dangers and have measures in place to ensure safe usage by all.

This area of our school website is dedicated to helping users better understand the issues around online safety and manage the risks more effectively.

In order to keep pupils safe in their use of online resources, we use the SMART acronym as seen below. 

We also use the Education for a Connected World Framework to support the teaching of Online Safety. This is in additional to our PSHE sessions which also cover Internet Safety. 

Education for a Connected World (


Below you will find some very useful links which may be suitable for the games and apps your child uses. Click on the image and it will take you to The National Online Safety information page. 





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