New Starter Information

Welcome to Abbey Village Primary School. We are thrilled that you have chosen to join our school family and will look forward to watching your child flourish and grow under our care and guidance. Starting school is a milestone, not only for your child but also for you. You may be excited or perhaps a little concerned about your child taking these first steps towards independence. At Abbey Village Primary School, we aim to build a good relationship between home and school so that everybody involved can ensure your child gets the very best out of their school experience.There is lots of information here that you may need for when your child starts school. If however you ever have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us - the door is always open. 


Calendar of Events

1 - New Parents Information Evening - 4th July 2024  - 3:20pm 

This will be an opportunity for you to meet the Early Years teachers and the Headteacher face to face. We will be sharing information about what your child will need to start school. The powerpoint will also be available online if you are unable to attend. 

2 - Pre-School Liaison         

Pre-school liaison takes place during the summer term, with our Reception staff visiting or telephoning all our feeder settings.


3 - Transition Afternoon Session - 4th July 2024 - 1:15pm until 3:20pm 

On these visits, the New Starters are invited to come and share a variety of activities in the classrooms so that they can become familiar with the surroundings, our children and staff. 

The children will not need to bring anything with them at this stage and do not need to wear school uniform.

You will need to bring your child to the front Early Years Gate where members of staff will be ready to collect them.


4 - Home or Setting Visits

We look forward to visiting you and or your child in their familiar surroundings. 

An appointment will be made for you in the Summer Term - dates TBC 


5 - Welcome Book 

Please take a look at our Welcome EBook that may help you and your child familiarise with our school 

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